Hang my bed

Hello everyone, I hope you are well. Beds that fold away or can be put away out of sight are nothing new. Innovation and technology is constantly growing and people are looking for new ways to space save. BedUp created by French furniture manufacturer Decadrages challenged the idea that a bed has to be folded away or stay static in the same position. BedUp’s bed frame can be raised up to the ceiling with the mattress and bedding attached.

Images from https://www.dezeen.com/2015/08/30/decadrages-bedup-lifts-up-to-ceiling-when-not-in-use/

The frame is held by two steel cables and can be adjusted to the height that you desire. The metal cables can support more than one tonne each at the break. Each suspension component is doubled for added safety. The bed has leg supports and stair options to support and get into the bed at floor level.

This bed would be great in a studio apartment to space save if you are interested in these types of ideas. Equally, this bed could be placed in any room, in any house or flat of any size, when you simply want to hide your bed away.

For more information please visit http://www.bedup.fr/new/bedup-vision/

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Wardrobe refresh

Hello everyone, I hope you are well. Here at tidy living space, I am always on the lookout for simple effective ways to help reduce space and clutter so that the home is more tranquil. After going for a walk and having a browse on the internet, I found this idea using a fizzy drinks can tab.


Image from http://www.purewow.com/home/How-to-Double-Your-Closet-Space-With-Soda-Tabs


Image from Google.

From what I can see, the idea came from a woman called Misilla at Learn to grow. In her Youtube video, link below, she describes how she uses this idea for hanging her clothes for what looks like, limited space to hang.


A simple, effective idea to reduce space in your wardrobe.

Hanging shoes

Hello friends how are you this January day? Storage in small spaces can be a problem or it can be an opportunity to have a play around and clear out and tidy up. After a refreshing walk yesterday, I arrived home and had a check on Pinterest. A few pictures down I came across a great infographic called “shoe hacks to keep your feet happy”. It had some really interesting ideas of how to clean shoes, keep them smelling fresh and one idea of hanging them to save space. I hadn’t given this a thought before, hanging shoes to save space. I loved the idea so much that this morning, I had a clear out of my wardrobe and tried to find space to hang my shoes. For me it was a no brainer; clean neat tidy shoes. Shoe shops and clothes shops do this to show off their merchandise; however how many of us transfer this idea to our home. Do you do this already and does it work out for you?



The link to the shoe hack infographic can be found at http://www.mentalfloss.com/article/76136/infographic-shoe-hacks-happy-feet

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Standing shoes

Hello there everyone and a happy new year. I hope you all have a prosperous 2017! When one is living in a small space, sometimes to many products can make the space even smaller. I only really spend on what I need more often than want. Browsing the internet I came across a vertical free standing shoe rack. It is the first time I have seen this idea. I thought it was pretty cool and useful.


Shoes are a great thing. When living with family or friends, shoes left at the door can make mess or shoes can get lost around the flat or house. This shoe rack just organises all shoes in one place. The shoe rack I found online was quite expensive (£80) however I think it is possible to find a cheaper one or make one if you are feeling creative! What do you think?

Picture found at http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/12-multi-use-space-saving-products-for-your-home.html

Why not live in a van

Hello there friends. I hope you are well. Here at tidy living space I am always on the lookout for unconventional ways to live. The future of housing here in Britain seems to be changing a lot. I am part of generation rent, as the media calls us. Yes the generation that no matter what we earn, we wont be able to get onto the housing ladder and own a property; unless we save for a good 20 years. Something like that anyway. I was reading an article online the other day and came across a story of a woman called Syndi Bowld, who decided she didn’t want to sit at her 9-5 job for her foreseeable future. She decided to buy a van and renovate it and travel and live wherever she pleases. Her boyfriend Jim is with her. They are planning to use photography to get by and make money. They will make a lot of savings along the way and see a lot of the world. What a crazy amazing thing to do! This type of living isn’t for everyone of us, however it seems the trend is to rent, so why not try something different to get by. All this needs is some planning and then you are ready to go. Happy tidy living space.




Original article and pictures found at http://metro.co.uk/2016/12/07/heres-why-you-should-sell-your-house-and-live-in-a-ford-transit-van-6305131/

Holiday on a London bus

Hello there everyone, I hope you are well. The iconic double decker red bus of London always gets people talking, whether you are a commuter living in London or a holiday maker coming to visit the city. The other week I was reading the paper on the bus, and came across an article about an entrepreneur named Alberto Samino. He has come up with the idea of converting an old double decker red bus into an affordable hostel for tourists. Based in Cricklewood, it will cost £8 a night to stay in, has two shower rooms, two toilets and a kitchen. You will have your own space with lockable door. I think this is a great venture, is re-using the space a double decker bus has to offer and offering a comfortable place to stay. Pictures and further information about this can be found at https://www.instagram.com/capsulehostelbus/

The original article was in the Evening Standard newspaper.

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Storage solutions

Hi there everyone. Storage solutions have been tried, tested and built for a number of years and are very helpful. We collect a lot of stuff as time goes by and have to find places to put objects like magazines, without getting to much in our way. I have found a few ideas, that are listed below, that could be of use for you.

1.Shoe ottoman.


Wonderful shoes, male and female, in this compact ottoman. Great as a chair too.

2. Fold down table.


Simple easy to use table idea. Good as a desk. Folds away when you have finished doing your work.

3. A hollow chair.



A strong enough chair that is used to store magazines and books. It can be seen as an interesting interior design feature.

4. Using the inside of the cupboard door.


If your cupboard is deep enough, you can use the back side of the cupboard door to hang shoes, and make little box containers to put small objects such as keys and nail varnish. Handy if you don’t want to misplace anything.

Images from http://www.boredpanda.com/efficient-space-saving-design/  and http://www.architectureartdesigns.com/17-most-genius-space-saving-hacks-you-could-never-imagine/

Hanging pots

Hello there friends! How are you? The kitchen can be the main room of our homes. A place of good food. I was taking a wonder the other night and walked past a kitchen designers shop. It was beautifully laid out with a good mix of brown wooden cabinets, white tiled floor and silver hanging kitchen pots. Hanging pots! An old idea and such a great idea in my opinion. A few pots hung above your work tops could make a big difference when trying to save cupboard space in a small kitchen. Hanging them could be an added design feature too, as well as cheap to install. All that is needed is a wooden block, some nails, hooks and a hammer to put in place. Below are some images that illustrate this. Have a good rest of the day and happy tidy living space.




Images from http://www.fqcrafts.com.au/pot-rack-ceiling-mounted-rectangular-large-5-rungs-hang-kitchen-pots-and-pans/



Sticky wall hooks

Hello there friends! When we use the bathroom we want to be clean, tidy and fresh for the day ahead. Sometimes in small bathrooms, there is a lack of towel space to hang the towel or hang flannels or hang anything that can’t be folded away. Thankfully there is a great little invention called an adhesive wall hook. For those of us who are not D.I.Y orientated or don’t want to spend a fortune on re-doing the bathroom, all you need to do is simply peel back the strip and stick the hook on a clean piece of wall. I have used these myself and they don’t cost a lot to buy. These hooks are very handy to have if you share a bathroom and want your own hook to hang things on. Happy space saving.




Hidden furniture

Hello there, how are you doing? Home is where the heart is, at least it should be. Home in the term of a roof over our heads and somewhere warm and safe is something we all want and can relate to. Whether we live in a big or small home I think we should have enough space to relax. The world is expanding in many ways. How does this relate to hidden furniture you ask. Hidden furniture can be tucked away and then expanded to be used. It could be as simple as a table or chair. In some cases, it is becoming expensive to have a growing family and not being able to find a bigger home or affordable, to accommodate this. I think innovation is key to providing great homes for us all to live in, in a time when affordability and space is a growing issue around the globe. Below is a video I came across on YouTube illustrating one companies idea on transformable space saving furniture. What if homes were designed and built with the idea of focusing on the furniture to fit the room and architecture of the space as a product?