About this site

Hello there and welcome to Tidy Living Space. Written (well typed; hopefully in the future pen and paper won’t disappear) by a writer called Gemma from London, who has a background in 3D design and colour theory. Tidy living space wants to inspire you with design ideas from around the world, as well as inform you on design and housing needs to improve people’s lives. Here ideas will be shared from the fascination of how architecture, interior and furniture design is used to effectively create space in small homes.

DISCLAIMER: Thank you for reading the posts on this blog. If you don’t agree with what is posted that is okay. Tidy living space encourages reading of different sources, as that gives you a better idea on what is written here and around the web.  This blog is just opinions of the author and is not meant to offend in any way.

DISCLAIMER: Thank you for following Tidy Living Space if you decide or have decided to. Tidy Living Space doesn’t want to or collect any data from you. Your privacy is important.