Starter home custom built

Hello there, I hope you are well. Everywhere in the UK and London it seems that there are new modern apartment developments being built. Some people love the luxury they offer, while some still prefer the traditional Victorian/Georgian architecture that the UK, especially England, was built on, whether it is a house or flat. Most agree however that we all should have a comfortable affordable home. I believe we should. The other week I came across an article about a competition, NaCSBA (Nation Custom & Self Build Association) starter home on a shoestring. Barton Willmore, an independent planning and design consultancy, partnered with EcoMotive, a social enterprise, which together came up with a product called “Modulhus” also known as “snug” that allows people to up skill and take ownership of their future home. The cost is from around £50 000. Aside from buying the land to place the Modulhus on which would be an extra cost, I think this is a step in the right direction for home ownership. It would be a new way of living and in my opinion, help people live in decent affordable homes.


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