Storage solutions

Hi there everyone. Storage solutions have been tried, tested and built for a number of years and are very helpful. We collect a lot of stuff as time goes by and have to find places to put objects like magazines, without getting to much in our way. I have found a few ideas, that are listed below, that could be of use for you.

1.Shoe ottoman.


Wonderful shoes, male and female, in this compact ottoman. Great as a chair too.

2. Fold down table.


Simple easy to use table idea. Good as a desk. Folds away when you have finished doing your work.

3. A hollow chair.



A strong enough chair that is used to store magazines and books. It can be seen as an interesting interior design feature.

4. Using the inside of the cupboard door.


If your cupboard is deep enough, you can use the back side of the cupboard door to hang shoes, and make little box containers to put small objects such as keys and nail varnish. Handy if you don’t want to misplace anything.

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