Hanging pots

Hello there friends! How are you? The kitchen can be the main room of our homes. A place of good food. I was taking a wonder the other night and walked past a kitchen designers shop. It was beautifully laid out with a good mix of brown wooden cabinets, white tiled floor and silver hanging kitchen pots. Hanging pots! An old idea and such a great idea in my opinion. A few pots hung above your work tops could make a big difference when trying to save cupboard space in a small kitchen. Hanging them could be an added design feature too, as well as cheap to install. All that is needed is a wooden block, some nails, hooks and a hammer to put in place. Below are some images that illustrate this. Have a good rest of the day and happy tidy living space.




Images from http://www.fqcrafts.com.au/pot-rack-ceiling-mounted-rectangular-large-5-rungs-hang-kitchen-pots-and-pans/