Fill the room with light

Hello there everyone. Light within a space is important. It is important because when the sun rises in the morning it tends to make people feel alive, fresh and awake ready for the day. At night when it is dark, most of us feel tired and ready to sleep. At tidy living space I am always looking for ways to improve small spaces. One way I thought could give the illusion of a bigger open space, is by having bigger windows in a small room. Depending on the space, adding bigger windows lets in more light to make you want to be ready for the day ahead. At night to keep in warmth I would suggest adding curtains. I always believe that space should be a decent size to live in. Letting in more light can make a room seem bigger. Below are some images from Google that illustrate this point. What do you think?




Sliding doors – now you see it, now you don’t.

Good morning! I hope you are well. Sliding doors. What can they do for your home you may be thinking. Sliding doors have been around for a long time and can be a wonderful idea to help save space in small homes. Sliding doors are used for numerous things in modern society such as, lifts doors and automatic doors in shopping centre entrances. In Japan, a sliding door is very common in traditional style homes. What if, when designing and building modern homes, we used sliding doors in homes more than the open and close swinging door. I believe all homes should be of suitable size to live in. The added bonus of using a sliding door could free up more space by the door entrance, to place an extra side table for example, so that all the space is utilised in a better way and you don’t have to exclude the door way area in interior planning. Is there anyone who doesn’t like the sight of a door? A sliding door can also be hidden, if it painted the same colour as the wall; like a chameleon the door could camouflage and be less noticeable as the door would be a part of the wall, when the door is slid open. Happy door hunting.




I do not own these images. They are images from google.