The humble council flat

Hello there and good morning. The humble council flat to many can mean living in a home or area that is run down and horrible with a stigma that living on an estate means you don’t want to achieve much in life. Sadly sometimes that is true. Most of the time that isn’t true. The council home in Britain has been around since about the 1920’s. Often, a council home has more square meters of space than a modern new build; yet more council homes have been sold off with less being used for people who need housing quickly, or families. I am a strong believer in making the best of what you have in the space you have, and that also includes council homes. Private rent is currently very expensive and in my opinion, council’s need to build more council homes again. What if the council house/flat was given more love in the way of decoration with the space utilised in a better way, removing the stigma attached to living in a council home. Interior decoration is so important for our wellbeing and to motivate us to then go on and achieve more and eventually buy a property of our own, if that is your goal.

Sarah Thompson author of the book style council, illustrates how creative homeowners have re-designed and made great use of the space in their council home. Her goal was to change the way people perceive council properties. Below are some pictures and a link to an article where she explains her thoughts.


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Sticky wall hooks

Hello there friends! When we use the bathroom we want to be clean, tidy and fresh for the day ahead. Sometimes in small bathrooms, there is a lack of towel space to hang the towel or hang flannels or hang anything that can’t be folded away. Thankfully there is a great little invention called an adhesive wall hook. For those of us who are not D.I.Y orientated or don’t want to spend a fortune on re-doing the bathroom, all you need to do is simply peel back the strip and stick the hook on a clean piece of wall. I have used these myself and they don’t cost a lot to buy. These hooks are very handy to have if you share a bathroom and want your own hook to hang things on. Happy space saving.




Lego apartments for adults

Hello there, how are you doing in this weird and wonderful world? Living in a comfortable space is what we all strive for. If we can and if we want, being in the heart of the city in any country of the world, is also on some people’s list of comfortable living. In my quest to find different ways of living in a small home I have come across a lego style apartment in Barcelona’s Born district. A man named Christian Schallert bought a tiny apartment and had it re designed by architect Barbara Appolloni. It is an ingenious idea on how to space save in 24 square meters. I think it is a great space for the likes of single city occupants who want their first step onto the property ladder, students and even the homeless. I would hope because the space is so small, that it wouldn’t cost as much as a bigger flat because ultimately, it is one room. There is potential in this idea. For longer term living, I think moving into a bigger place would be better, if you want to have more space or have a family. Below is a video showing you what the apartment looks like inside. There is also a huge amount of light, which would be important in a small space. What do you think?



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Recessed kitchen

Hello there everyone. The kitchen is a place of food, food and more food. We all go there after a long day to cook or grab something from the fridge to then enjoy a tasty meal to unwind. I know I do. Kitchen space can sometimes be small especially if you live with a big family. In my search for great space saving ideas, I have come across the concept of a recessed kitchen cupboard which then leaves more walking space in the desired kitchen. This idea isn’t that common, it seems. Most kitchens have cupboards that come out of the wall. Thought would have to go into the design and build; and some of the doors could even be sliding doors instead of doors that open towards us. This design feature is ideally for the smaller home however could be used in bigger homes to get more out the kitchen if that is what you are looking for. Would you like this in your kitchen?

Below are some images of this idea.



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Hidden furniture

Hello there, how are you doing? Home is where the heart is, at least it should be. Home in the term of a roof over our heads and somewhere warm and safe is something we all want and can relate to. Whether we live in a big or small home I think we should have enough space to relax. The world is expanding in many ways. How does this relate to hidden furniture you ask. Hidden furniture can be tucked away and then expanded to be used. It could be as simple as a table or chair. In some cases, it is becoming expensive to have a growing family and not being able to find a bigger home or affordable, to accommodate this. I think innovation is key to providing great homes for us all to live in, in a time when affordability and space is a growing issue around the globe. Below is a video I came across on YouTube illustrating one companies idea on transformable space saving furniture. What if homes were designed and built with the idea of focusing on the furniture to fit the room and architecture of the space as a product?