Shipping container homes

Shipping containers are primarily used for transporting goods across the seas around the world. They are used for storage. What if more people could live in them? We all want to have a well spaced out home that feels warm and welcoming. In countries that have over crowding and large populations, this  could be an alternate way of living. This could be a new normal for building homes and getting people into secure living more quickly; such as temporary housing for homeless people. In terms of making use of the space around us, these shipping container homes could be built on empty land. Shipping containers are made from reusable steel and usually cheap to buy. With the right design approach I think this kind of living could be amazing. Below are some pictures and links to beautifully designed shipping container homes. What do you think about this type of living?





Photos connected to Studio MK27

Living space in the Internet

The Internet has become a part of our living spaces. We can access new information to read and learn, we can meet people using the Internet using websites such as Meetup or for online dating. However big or small a home we live in, the Internet has become an important part of our lives. The world population is expanding and people are living for much longer. New ways of space saving are being designed and with new materials and technologies.

Tokyo is a city with a large population, currently around 13 million. In a dense city such as that, space is needed. There are now people who live in Tokyo’s Internet cafés. Crazy right?! Maybe not so much. Has the need for more living space and using the Internet driven us to this. These cafés are called i cafe. They provide showers, food and everything you would want from a home. Is this another version of a shared living space and could these be popping up in other cities? Would you want to live in an Internet café instead of a proper home? Below is a link to a video showing this concept.

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Tables aren’t just for eating

Tables aren’t just for eating, on. The table in the sitting room or dining room is our main place to come together with family, friends, the other half or by ourselves to enjoy delicious food. As well as eating, the dining room table can be a wonderful piece of furniture to add to the interior decor. We’ve all heard of folding tables attached to the walls. You can now design or make tables built into the floor that rise up when wanted and pushed back down into the floor, to be neatly tucked away when you have finished eating. Living in a small space can be positive if you decided you wanted to have this design feature in your home. Equally you could have this if you have a bigger home and want to live in a very minimalistic way.

One example of this design idea has been created by YO! Sushi founder Simon Woodroffe.



Mr Woodroffe’s idea is to include this table design feature with a number of other space saving aspects, in a small flat to give you more space and value for money. This idea is a prototype, however it is meant to be finalised with a Manchester, England, based developer and could be built within this year 2016. I think this is an amazing design idea and could give us all a great feeling of space.

If you want to read more about this home design check out

Photography by YO! Homes