Abandoned can mean beautiful

Happy Monday! Today is Monday, the beginning of the week in which we can be refreshed and start new. Whether you are on your way to work, to school or to the gym, we have all walked past an abandoned building. They can be an eyesore in the worst cases however are we viewing them from the wrong perspective? Abandoned building can mean beautiful. In many countries in our world the population is increasing and housing is becoming more of an issue with high rents and inability to buy. Renovating and refreshing abandoned buildings could solve some of the issues with housing and creating space for us all to live. As well as building new homes, we can make use of what we have which I think, can save money in the long run.

I did some searching and found a great design idea. Rotterdam studio Kraaijvanger has designed a modular square kitchen and bathroom unit called the Hub. It can be inserted into a refurbished abandoned building as well as being able to be removed if necessary. Each unit contains a kitchen, bathroom, heating, sound system and wifi. Things we all need to be comfortable. “The Hub is a modular, easily dismantled system that allows empty buildings to be turned into homes in a few days. The idea is for users to rent or lease a Hub rather than buying it. So they aren’t purchasing a home, just the comforts of one.” explained architect David Hess.

What a brilliant idea! This could bring rent down and we all could have comfort and space. Could this be a new way to look at renting in the future? Other issues such as separate compartments and security for our personal items would need to be looked at in more detail, however as an idea to space save and build better homes; I think this is amazing. Would you pay to rent this?




Original article and pictures of “the Hub” modular unit on http://www.dezeen.com/2016/03/09/modular-kitchen-bathroom-unit-convert-abandoned-buildings-into-homes-kraaijvanger-rotterdam-netherlands/

Photography is by Ronald Tillieman.

Stick to the magnets

Hello there! At tidy living space, I like to find innovative, reusable ideas to make your interior beautiful and tidy. In my search I have come across just that. Magnetic knife racks. Simple, beautiful and tidy. This can be a solution to space saving if you live in a small house or flat. The magnetic knife rack can also be an innovative interior design idea. If you are a fan of decorating your kitchen with utensils and funky, cosy accessories then this could be great for you. IKEA sell this ingenious product http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/60238645/ Another use for this strip could be in your bathroom for small scissors, clippers and tweezers. Have you been in that situation when you are looking for tweezers and can’t find them or they are lost in a toiletry bag or draw somewhere? Bring in the magnetic rack I say! A wonderful illustration of this idea can be found here http://www.darkroomanddearly.com/blog/rkroomanddearly.com/2012/05/diy-magnetic-bathroom-rack.html



I do not own these images. Always be careful when handling sharp objects such as knives.

Paint the room with space

Hello there! For this post I wanted to talk about interior decorating and paint! Paint can create the illusion of a bigger space. As well as having enough space, we all want to live in a home that has beautiful decoration, depending on your own style. Painting in different colours and patterns can be fun and bring that much needed reinvention to your space. Below I have created a list of suggestions of how you could achieve a great result.

  • Using a light and soft toned colour (not necessarily white) on the ceiling, walls, doors and skirting can create a bright and fresh open space.
  • If you don’t want to use white or the same colour through out, use different degrees of the same colour on different parts of your walls. For example using, Farrow and Ball, you could use Dimity 2008 on the ceiling, Archive 226 on the walls, doors and London Stone 6 on the skirting boards. Equally, using Little Greene Paint and Paper, Drizzle 217 on the ceiling, Cupboard Green 201 on the walls, doors and Pea Green 91 on the skirting boards. These colour combinations use the same tone and your eye wont see the paint lines as much in the corners/lines of the walls. There is a subtle change of colour.
  • If you are a fan of white walls, white is the perfect colour to open up your space. Again, use white throughout on the ceiling, walls, doors, skirting boards and/or floors. Just as light colours do, white reflects light.
  • If your room is long and narrow, paint the ceiling and longer walls in a light tone (Dimity 2008) and the shorter walls a few tones darker (London Stone 6). This will create the illusion of a wider room.
  • Vertical stripes can make a small room seem taller.
  • Horizontal stripes on the floor can make a room seem wider.








Pictures are from Google and Pinterest and https://masterhouseproperties.wordpress.com/tag/design/. I do not own these images.

George Clarke’s amazing gardens

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great day. As you may realise so far from my posts, I think making use of the space we have, in our homes or in the environment, is something that can be an amazing thing. Recently I watched George Clarke’s amazing gardens on channel 4. He is very passionate about how we can use our environment to create the best possible designs, in the space we have however big or small. One of the designs featured was a couple living in London with their daughter. They came up with an ingenious garden shed/workspace/tool cupboard design. It fit all their needs and they still had half of their garden in tact to use. The first part of the three roomed shed had a room about a metre wide, organised and used for the fathers tools. All the tools had a place and was laid out very neatly. The second room, which was the widest, was the wife’s office. It had her main desk including another fold away desk and storage. The third room was a play room for the daughter. It was about a metre wide again with her play tools hung up neatly. This great idea of the use of the garden shed got me thinking, what if more people utilised their back garden space to provide a home for people, whether it is family or rented out to the public.

According to the programme and a little of my own research, you don’t need planning permission to build a shed; with restrictions. http://www.sheds.co.uk/planning-permission/ However, always check for planning permission in your area of the country.


Image from google/Pinterest. Not my image. This is the garden shed featured on the programme.

Manhole living

Finding a place to live that is comfortable and affordable seems to be hard to come by in expensive cities around the world. I do think people should strive for more and do well for themselves; however there are some unfortunate people who have to go to great lengths to find a place to live. Artist Biancoshock converted manholes in Milan to put into focus the extreme conditions people around the world are forced to live in. I think this is a great piece of art and highlights living problems. Every person should live in a reasonable home and shouldn’t have to live in a sewer or manhole, as this piece illustrates.



Pictures from http://www.biancoshock.com/borderlife.html

Fold that ironing board

Whether it is a big home or a small home, I am always thinking about the possibilities of how a space can be tidy, neat and clean with great interior design in mind. Everyday home essentials like ironing boards that make our clothes beautiful and crease free, are part of home interiors. Irish company http://www.eurekamfg.com/ have taken that concept and have produced wall mounted ironing boards that fold out and in. Ironing boards don’t have to be kept behind a door or hidden away in a cupboard; it can be neatly added to a wall and easily accessed. In the illustration below, the board is packed away in a coloured box which, in my opinion, could be an added bonus of wall decor depending on the look you would want to go for. I hope this has given you some inspiration on one of many everyday homely items.



Image from http://www.livinginashoebox.com/space-saving-wall-mounted-furniture-from-eureka/